Awareness of physical therapy among medical doctors in Swabi


  • Zahoor Ahmad Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, NCS University System, Swabi Campus
  • Zohra Shah Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, NCS University System, Swabi Campus



Awareness, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapy, District swabi


Introduction: Physical therapists works in a number of environments including hospitals, private practitioners, outpatient clinics, health care agencies, colleges, sports and recreation centres, workplaces and nursing homes. In Pakistan, the referral of patients to the physical therapy is mainly by physicians or doctors. It is it is important for the doctors to have awareness about the role of physical therapists.

Material & Methods: This was a cross sectional survey conducted from Jan 2020 to August 2020. The research was based on a self-structured questionnaire which was provided to medical doctors at a hospital in Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The total number of participants in this survey was 145 doctors. The sampling techniques used for this survey was convenient sampling. Inclusion criteria of the study was medical doctors holding MBBS or equivalent degree. Data collected was analysed through SPSS version 22.

Results: Out of 145 participants, 112 (77.2%) were males and 33 (22.8%) were females. Questionnaire was filled by 11.7% orthopaedic specialists, 11.0% neurologists, 13.1% paediatricians, 20.7% gynaecologists and 43.4% by doctor of other specialties. From the total participants, only 98 (67.4%) were aware about the eligibility criteria of entering in the field of physiotherapy, 77.9 % were aware about the specialization in physiotherapy and 90.3% were aware about the treatment of physiotherapy. Those who agreed that physiotherapy helps in reducing pain were 132 with percentage 91.0%.120(82.8%) doctors agreed that physical therapy is crucial in community-based recovery. According to 125 doctors, early intervention through physical therapy leads to an effective rehabilitation. A total of 61(42.1%) doctors agreed that physiotherapy was an excellent field.

Conclusion: It was found out that nearly 60% of the medical doctors in District Swabi were familiar with physiotherapy care and with the field of physiotherapy. A big number of these doctors (80 percent of doctors) were aware that physiotherapy helps in reducing pain, provide appropriate care and plays an important role in the community.




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