Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and use of computer keyboard and mouse; a systematic review


  • Memoona Bibi
  • Bilal Khan


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, median never, computer keyboard users


Introduction: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is neuropathy of median nerve due to its compression in carpal tunnel. Some of the professionals like computer users are at a high risk of developing this condition. However, limited high quality evidence in the form of systemic reviews may be found in the literature. This systematic review was carried out to evaluate review evidence related to carpal tunnel syndrome in computer users.

Materials & Methods: Review of the literature regarding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was carried out using databases PubMed, Google scholar, Medline and CINAHL. Articles published in English until December 2017 were included in this review. Key words including 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' or 'CTS' and 'Computer Operators' or 'Computer Users' were used for searching relevant literature.

Results: A total of 8 studies were identified and were included in this systematic review. Most of the studies (n=6) showed positive association between CTS and computer use. Abnormal flexion-extension posture of wrist joint, repetitive movements throughout the day and use of vibratory items were suggested as potential causes for the development of CTS.

Conclusion: Based on the included literature, it is concluded that prolonged use of keyboard and mouse are the some of the major contributing factors for the development of CTS. Moreover, any activity involving abnormal positioning of wrist joint leads to an increased CT pressure which might increase the risk of developing CTS.




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